"That special 'look' you see in our latest packaging design and newsletters very much reflects the taste of our new Art Director, Katrina. Along with being an accomplished musician and vocalist, Katrina draws heavily on her native roots in the 'Evangeline' country of Louisiana. All of these forces find expression in her varied assignments at Good For You America." - GOOD FOR YOU AMERICA

"Katrina is extremely reluctant to settle for the predictable or the mundane. She invariably brings that unexpected extra touch to her work, however modest or grand the assignment. She makes an important contribution to any endeavor she undertakes." - NELSON FUTCH, Communications Director, PLAYBOY MAGAZINE

"Katrina could best be described as a modern day Renaissance Woman. She is an accomplished musician, playing bass and classical guitar, with a sultry singing voice. As an artist, she has received numerous awards and accolades. Her paintings reflect a Santa Fe consciousness, with sweeping colors and a relaxed, peaceful grace. Katrina's poise and personality color whatever she is doing from playing music to creating graphics. Her style is clean, eye-catching, radient, and always sensuous." WENDY BENNETT, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF LIVING ARTISTS IN AMERICA

"She can transform the mundane to the marvelous. The dull to dazzling. With one sweep of her pen, Katrina can bring sizzle to your letterhead, punch to your brochures and presence to your business cards. Let her design an ad for a business, or a poster for an event, and it will be a hit, not to mention what she can do with personalized Greeting Cards!" - LYNN CHRISTIANSEN, Staff Writer, WALNUT CREEK JOURNAL

"Your final art for the Poster design commemorating our 3rd Annual Wildlife Art Festival is a smashing success, and has received rave reviews from all who have seen it. This project is without a doubt the best artwork that has ever been commissioned by us at any time." - DAVID STROUD, Vice President of Marketing, OGDEN ENTERTAINMENT (Silver Springs Theme Park, Florida)

"This article has been written to 'celebrate' the beautiful poster and to pay tribute to the very talented artist who made it come to life. The search was on to find an artist who could effectively illustrate the richness of the area and its inhabitants. In composing the layout for the wetlands poster, Katrina drew upon more than fifty reference books to guide her artwork for the finished painting. She successfully depicted the wetland inhabitants with complete authenticity." - SHERYL STURGES, DOW CHEMICAL (Discover Our World Newsletter)




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